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small change toward a rich life
  • 06/29/08--09:12: Orthodontic sticker shock (chan 7514236)
  • No posts for the last couple of days — instead I’ve been spending a lot of time in orthodontist’s offices with the kids. Up until this year, both girls had dental coverage through their mother’s insurance, but it was an HMO situation and the care was pretty poor. Fortunately, the job that Jak got earlier [...]

    Hope you had a fun Fourth! Jak and I spent the holiday weekend visiting his sister and her husband in Eugene, Oregon. We watched fireworks from a boat and played laser tag. My in-laws (I sometimes call them ‘out-laws’, since Jak and I aren’t married) own an auto shop in Eugene. Business is booming, but [...]

    In the pile of mail waiting for us this week was a notice that as of July 1, our monthly health insurance premiums would be increasing by 14%. That’s just the base annual uptick for people with no new claims in the same age bracket. As mostly self-employed people here in the United States, the [...]

    A couple of months ago, I bemoaned the 14% year-over-year increase in our individual health insurance premiums and expressed my fear for 2015, when both Jak and I will have moved into higher age brackets. I calculated that at the current rate of increase, our premiums would double in just four years. Since the cost [...]

    Insurance companies often advise you to purchase auto coverage at “as high a limit as you can afford”. This is singularly unhelpful. For one thing, how do you decide what you can afford? Not to mention that their motivations are suspect. Between the complex choices, the obscure jargon, and the lack of unbiased information, many [...]